Best Baseball Game Ever?

The best baseball game I have ever attended was game #163 of the 2007 season between the Padres and Rockies at Coors Field. The Rockies riveting, compelling, dramatic 9-8, 13 inning victory sent Colorado to the playoffs and San Diego home. Keeping score at Coors Field is always a challenge, especially an extra-inning game that saw a total of 44 players used. As you can see from my scorebook account of the game, the Padres batted around in the 4th inning and I ran out of room later since my book only has 12-innings. If the game went 15 innings or so, it really would have gotten really messy. The time of game was 4:40 which I forgot to record in the scorebook when the game ended.

Note: People have asked me about my scorebook. It's a Bob Carpenter scorebook and if you are interested in obtaining one, just go to Bob's website at

The 13th inning ended up in front of the first inning!

The Padres used 5 pitchers compared to the Rockies 10. While it was an amazing finish, I felt bad for Trevor Hoffman. One of the greatest closers ever and one of the game's good guys, Hoffman, as expected, spoke to the media after the game. Some guys run and some guys stay and face the fire. A true stand up guy.