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Why Diets Are Failing Us

If you are interested in nutrition and living a longer healthier life, this is one of the most important books you can read. I will simply tell you my story. I met the author, Peter Greenlaw, in February of 2012. I was looking to lose weight for my adult baseball team. I weighed 203 pounds, having lost just 2 pounds from January 1st when I started my workouts. Peter, one of the foremost authorities on toxicity in the body and nutrition told me I could get down to my college playing weight of 180-185. I was just hoping to get under 200. In 3 days of using Peter's system I lost 9 pounds. In 20 days I lost 20 pounds and felt great. It certainly helped me and there are many other success stories. Turf co-host Casey Bloyer was a whopping 250 pounds of ugly body mass and, after implementing Peter's system and coaching he's lost 60 pounds. Although he is still ugly and I can kick his ass. The book doesn't talk over your head, it is straight forward and grabs your interest right away. Is it just for athletes? No, it is for everyone. Honestly, this book can change your life in a most positive manner. The book is available on or better yet, go to