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"Juiced" is Jose Canseco's tell-all book about his life and steroids in baseball. Canseco brags about his steroid use and how he turned other big leaguers onto 'roids. Do you or don't you believe his salacious claims is the question. Canseco comes off as a bitter, angry and paranoid man. His narcissism is stomach turning. I found it to be boring. How many times did Canseco have to tell us that steroids make you stronger and bigger? Not recommended. BR. Follow-up: In light of the increased awareness of steroids and the congressional hearings on March 17, 2005, how ironic that the man who was a rampant steroid abuser may have more to do with cleaning up the game of baseball than the nitwits who run the game, specifically Clueless Bud Selig and Sourpuss Donald Fehr?