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Facing Clemens

Have you ever stepped into the batters box against Roger Clemens? Probably not. Do you think that will ever happen? Again, doubtful. However, you can experience what that is like through such hitters as Cal Ripken Jr., Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey Jr., Torri Hunter and other big leaguers as they discuss batting against The Rocket in the book "Facing Clemens...Hitters On Confronting Baseball's Most Intimidating Pitcher." This book by Jonathan Mayo is very well researched and the stories are riveting. "Facing Clemens" is well worth checking out. It was written before Clemens testified before congress about steroid allegations so it will be interesting to see if this helps or hurts sales of the book. Personally, I think the main enjoyment of the book comes from the batters relaying their own stories. Clemens by the way wrote the forward for the book which The Turf recommends highly. BR.