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Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys

College football is all about drama, excitement and thrilling finishes. In "Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys...The Greatest College Football Finishes Since 1970", author Ted Mandell captures some of the unforgettable moments of autumn's past. The memories come pouring out of this book and it is quite apparent that Mandell did his research and did it well. We all remember Doug Flutie's pass to beat Miami and some other memorable and amazing finishes. But what I loved about this book were the stories about jaw-dropping finishes to games I had no idea about. Mandell writes about 116 dramatic games and this book is essential to anybody who loves college football. As an added bonus, Mandell includes CD's of the radio broadcasts of many of these games. If you like announcers freaking out, then pop in the CD and enjoy. Overall, this book is well-written, researched and is perfect for college football fans. Also, Flutie wrote the Foreward. Very highly recommended.BR.