BOOK SIGNINGS: I am very pleased to announce three upcoming book signings at the Blake Street Tavern in Denver, just north of Coors Field, ironically on Blake Street. I'll be joined at the signings by Matt Repplinger, author of "Baseball in Denver" and Jan Sumner, author of many great books including his latest called, "Seams." Each signing will take place two hours before Rockies games and continue during the game. Come by and get some great food at Blake Street Tavern, get signed books and talk some baseball with Matt, Jan and me. It will be a fun time.
Dates and times:
Saturday July 26th at 4 p.m.
Tuesday August 5th at 4:30 p.m.
Friday August 15th at 4:30 p.m. 

Welcome to The Turf Website! Sorry to inform you all that the 11+ year run of Artificial Turf is over.
Bill Rogan was let go by KNUS Radio (7-10-14), an apparent victim of the salary cap. Bill is now a free agent (going 3rd person there). Hopefully I'll resurface somewhere soon and bring The Turf back to life.
Thanks for everyone who tuned into The Turf over the years. We all loved doing the show and appreciated all our listeners. In the meantime, please continue to visit this website for the latest updates and book signings. Yes, buy my books...please!!! :)
Thanks to all, especially Andy Cornell, Casey Bloyer, Justin Adams, Kevin Wheeler, Ed "Hendu" Henderson, Kevin and Debra Jerome, Connor Shreve, Bill Nelson, Kelly Lyon, Jeff Andrews and others who helped make the show what it was. Also, thanks to Kelly Michaels, my now former program director, for giving The Turf the green light back in February of 2003.

Click here for reaction to Bill's firing: http://www.turfsports.net/fired.html  ) )  ))

Get a copy of Bill's new book here: http://www.turfsports.net/stillpitching.html

The Tne A A      BB      Thanks NNnNeBill Rogan and Rick Fisher (The Fish).  < Fish signs a book!
Great  book signings were held at:

Johnny's New York Pizza in Lakewood, Colorado.
Simpler Times Designs in Parker, Colorado.
Fireside Books and Coffee in Englewood, Colorado.
The National Ballpark Museum in Downtown Denver.
Coors Field
(Private signing. We are always happy to sign books at private events and functions!)
Breckenridge Brewery, Downtown Denver.
Blake Street Tavern, Downtown Denver.
The Fox Den, Fort Collins, Colorado.

L-R: Jan Sumner, Matt Repplinger, Rick Fisher, Bill Rogan outside the National Ballpark Museum, Blake Street in Denver.


Well, it might be a while. But, The Turf will rise again.

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Check out Bob Busser's nephew doing some yard work!
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 [IMG] < This is how Bill feels when Notre Dame loses.


Steve Garufi border=
Steve Garufi (above) has been a guest on The Turf. Visit Steve's website www.coloradoguy.com

  Great wGreat lNew video Pitching coach Jan Sumner has a new instructional video out. I've seen it and it is outstanding. For information about Jan and his "Total Pitching" video, check out his website at: www.therealstrikezone.com.

Here is a great place to visit if you are in Denver. Check out Bruce Hellerstein's incredible museum.


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 For the FOR fOR THEfORAre you

/i//BRJR.JPG  < Bill with legendary runner Jim Ryun. Watch Jim run here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ots91-yh_o /  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlwS0Fyq8vk
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The Turf gets some pub from the Denver Post: http://www.denverpost.com/dustysaunders/ci_16730837 

2008 Baseball Hall of Famer...
Goose Gossage!
(Below, BR takes batting practice off the Goose at Legends Game 2006)

Parents, are you looking to make your kid a better hitter or pitcher? You need to contact Wayne Snow and Jan Sumner at www.therealstrikezone.com. Top flight instruction from two veteran baseball men.

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YANKEE STADIUM...R.I.P. (April 18, 1923 - September 21, 2008)

(Below) Bill and Ed Henderson at Coors Field. Hendu is a scout for the MinnesotaTwins and a guest host for The Turf. Hendu wanted to sign Bill out of the old guy's league...but Bill couldn't affort to pay the Twins any bonus money!


 <  David ItchMan "Hi, I'm Itch. Pleased to meet you."

    R.A. Dickey Knuckleball
 2012 Cy Young Award and Branch Rickey Award winner R.A. Dickey.

BR with Colorado Sky Sox Manager Glenallen Hill in Scottsdale, Arizona, 2013.

Bill Bill in Buena Vista, Colorado, January 2014. Picture by ColoradoGuy Steve Garufi.






The cover shot  of "More Turf Tales....Taking The Serious Out Of Sports"  >

On the cover: Casey Bloyer (Golfer), Andy Cornell (Boxer), Brett Davis (Baseball player), Frankenstein (Football Coach), Martin Higgins (Tuba Player), Justin Adams (Head coming out of tuba), Anne Cornell (Runner), Amber Marcelli (Goaltender), Bill Rogan (on computer).   To order your book:  www.maxqenterprises.com





"Did you buy Bill's book yet? It's funny!"